And the world keeps spinning

Not much exciting news as yet, I’m afraid. Work’s been really good, as it usually is. Actually, last night there was a little get-together of interns at BJs, the fancy restaurant in front of Infinite Loop, which was cool – I finally met the guy who’s been working in the cube opposite me for the last two weeks. Also caught up with a few other people I’d met [briefly] previously. And I indulged heavily on hot chocolates, orange juice and those delicious Pizookie dessert things they have – giant melted choc chip cookies with ice cream on them. :D

And after that it was off the gym as usual, to try vainly to work off said giant cookie. :)

Ashley finally bought his 20″ Cinema Display, which he’s been happily babying since he brought it home last night. They’re pretty shiny, and I’m tempted to buy one… I’m going to sit down sometime this week and work out where I sit financially, and then maybe think about those “little” luxuries… I’m set up pretty darn well for this year, even after The Worlds Most Expensive Skiing Trip™, and such things… but, I’m thinking it would also be a nice and wise idea to leave some savings for after graduation… that’ll leave me some options if I want to travel and such.

I had been considering looking at home ownership when I got back to Australia this year, but… I’m not that rich yet, really, and in any case it’s a lot of hassle… it’s going to be fun enough as it is trying to find somewhere to live with less than one week before uni starts… I mean, I can survive the drive there and back for a little bit, a few weeks I guess, but that’ll be both expensive and inevitably tiresome, once the novelty of driving wears off.

Plus, I have no idea how long I’ll be back in Australia anyway… I don’t have any plans otherwise as yet, but now that I’ve found Santa Cruz, I could definitely handle living here. And I know a lot of people here now too – and yeah, it’s the Silicon Valley style that everyone here is working on some way to make it rich. Some new wizz-bang startup. So there’s always opportunities flying around.

But anyway, that’s at least 6 months off, so clearly far beyond my need to plan. ;)

So, that’s about it I guess. I’ll just add in passing that cereal here is really expensive – like, at least twice the cost as compared to Australia – and that yogurt is like everything here… when they say “blueberry yogurt”, they mean blueberry-flavoured yogurt… what kind of crazy yokel would think they’d actually put blueberry’s in the yogurt? Mind boggling.

That’s my rant for tonight. :)

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