I’m flying! Wheee! *splat*

So, granted the last time I really rode a bike was like ten years ago, but still… I don’t remember the pedals being so close to the ground. They actually come within just a few centimetres of it… on a so-called mountain bike. They hit the ground all the time when I’m going around corners – I have to stop pedalling and hold the inside pedal high to avoid it, and even then I still can’t lean as much as I’d like.

So, I’ve always wondered in a way what would happen if one of the pedals did hit something immovable… like, say, a gutter. Well, today my curiosity was satisfied… riding back from work I clipped the gutter going up onto the footpath and went flying.

Falling off a bike hurts. A lot. Not as much as falling off a motorbike, granted, but enough. And it’s those two or three seconds of flight through the air that really give you far too much time to realise what’s about to happen… I think I actually felt pain before I even hit the ground. Which was concrete, too, so it softened my fall admirably.

So while the bike’s more or less okay – the seat was bent a bit and the pedal reflector was smashed off – I’m a little sore still. Despite landing on my side, I managed to bruise every single limb. And my hip. I’ve decided I carry far too many sharp objects in my wallet. Which, sadly, didn’t survive.. it burst wide open, dumping it’s contents – luckily – safely into my pocket. It’s a shame… sure, it was badgered, wolved and possible beared as well, but it was a good wallet. And while I have two others, they’re both in Australia. D’oh.

Ironically, my head was the only part of me that didn’t hit anything, and of course was the only part wearing a helmet. Fat lot of good those things do, obviously. ;)

So, I don’t think I’ll be visiting the gym tonight. Maybe tomorrow… the weather”s supposed to be pretty miserable anyway.

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