You mean you shouldn’t run hoses through the radiator fan?

While replacing the headlight yesterday (which is to say, while watching John replace the headlight for me <:) ) my mum noticed that the transmission coolant hose to the radiator was right up against the edge of the fan. In fact, once we looked at it closely, we could see that the fan has been cutting slowly through the hose. Whoever installed the hose – which would have been when the transmission was replaced back in February – didn’t use a long enough piece, and didn’t secure it at all. In all fairness, it probably wasn’t sitting on the edge of the fan originally – it may have just ended up resting there over time – but still, it’s a pretty poor effort. If that hose goes while I’m driving, the transmission seizes up and I get the buy a new one. Hooray.

Luckily though I’m aware of it now, and John twisted it out of the way for the moment. The car’s going in for a service this Wednesday, and I told them to replace that hose at least. There’s a few other hoses that are leaking a bit too – particularly around the steering fluid reservoir – although luckily the levels are still within tolerances.

The service is going to be at least $120. Grrr… expensive little buggers. :/

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