Urgh, WordPress theming

Thus far this [long] weekend I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time just trying to make this look good.  Installing WordPress itself is trivial, but then finding a half-decent theme, and then getting that theme to look exactly the way you want, is immensely time consuming and frustrating.

For example, I want icons for each category.  It’s not an original idea – I did as much with my original journal years ago – and you’d think it would be brain-dead simple.  Indeed, this “Suffusion” theme even shows what you’d think are generic, placeholder icons for categories.  All ready to be replaced with the real ones.

Only, not really.  Apparently it just really likes showing these bland default icons repeatedly, redundantly, and in fact without any way to even turn them off (in the sidebar).  WTF.

I’m very quickly getting the feeling that when it comes to WordPress, you either find a theme that is exactly right to begin with, or you just concede defeat.

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