Here’s a whole bunch of immensely well written stories I wrote back in year 9 or so. I haven’t changed them at all; I’ve even left in the broken links, bad spelling, impossible grammar, and weird accreditations. Enjoy. :)

First up, there’s Nightmare on Dungeon St. I have no idea why I picked that title… it doesn’t really bear any relevance to the story. I’ve never even seen Nightmare on Elm Street. I suspect I picked it somewhat arbitrarily as a baseless play on words.

It’s interesting to see the effect gaming had had on me by that point. The way I describe combat is very methodical, and at one point I describe a blow as not having “damaged” me.

Next, we have Escape from Stonehenge. I can vaguely remember writing this, and that my female friend in the story, Johanna, is representative of someone. Probably whoever I had the strongest crush on at that point. I thought it was immensely clever and subtle to write my crushes into my stories… my teachers must have been enthralled to know of my pre-pubescent fantasies. :)

Next up is Memiors of a survivor. And yes, I know it’s not event spelt correctly. I think I went through a stage, for quite some time, where I refused to use electronic spellchecking. I figured it could only harm my own, real spelling. I suspect that’s true; I’ve been using OS X’s real-time spell checking for ages, and it must be getting so terribly sick of correcting the same few words a hundred times over.

I think “Memiors” wasn’t actually a school assignment; about this time I started writing a few of my own things independently. I liked creative writing; in fact, I liked indulging anything of my creative side. Take Lands of 8, our next entry… the idea with this was to get a bunch of random people together to write the story, and illustrate it. I don’t think anyone else ever contributed though, and let’s be honest; can you blame them? :)

Last but not least, there’s Quasar. I don’t think this was a school assignment either; I name Kate Whittman as my main character, without any shallow euphemisms. I had a big crush on Kate through pretty much all of high school – she was very attractive, extremely nice, and intelligent. Actually, we’re getting married in about 9 years. You see, she promised me back in high school that if I wasn’t married by the time I was 30, she’d marry me. So now I’m hanging out for it. :)

Of course, recently I hear she’s now engaged, which puts a bit of a kink in my plans. But no matter… there’s always ways to eliminate the competition. ;)

Although, in any case, I don’t think I can really hold her to that promise. Pity. :)

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