Private Relay is not currently supported in this region

I’ve been getting this notification every morning, on both my Macs, for several days now. System Settings says Private Relay is active like normal, even so. Yet Mail refuses to load any images in emails. Yet Safari works fine. So it’s not at all apparent if Private Relay actually is working or not.

Screenshot of the macOS 14 Sonoma iCloud Private Relay settings dialog, showing it as ostensibly enabled even when it is not.
Is Private Relay enabled? Who knows?! The Settings app thinks it is, even when the rest of the system thinks it is not.

Sometime during each day I get a follow-up notification telling me that Private Relay is now active. Even though by all appearances it already was.

Screenshot of a macOS notification titled "Private Relay is Active", with the text "Your IP address is hidden and your Safari browsing activity is protected".

This is frustrating on multiple levels – obviously there’s the question of why this notification is appearing to begin with, and lying1 about the support status of Private Relay, but it’s also concerning that it’s sending mixed messages about whether Private Relay is working or not.

  1. I mean, I assume it’s lying about the status – I suppose it’s possible that Apple, headquartered in the San Francisco bay area, might have revoked support for Private Relay in their own region. Seems like an odd decision, though. ↩︎

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