No longer devolving into a wookie

I went and bought a new shaver today. The old one died during the week – it’d been playing up for months now – and while over the past few days I had contemplated letting things go, I realised that: (a) I’m not a beard person, and (b) I’d need a shaver to maintain a beard anyway.

On the upside, it meant I could get a self-cleaning Braun one, which I did. I suspect it was my maintanence of the old one which killed it, actually; I pulled it apart and found visible corrosion on the outside of the motor, which is inside the supposedly waterproof interior case. I couldn’t see any way to pull the motor out, let alone apart, without breaking the whole thing, so I didn’t bother…

I had to laugh though that it’s about 60% empty space, just the exterior case contoured to fit a big manly man’s hand, and all that’s really in it is the motor, a teeny circuit board covered in resin to protect it from moisture, and a AA NiMH battery. That’s it. Pfft, I coulda made that myself. :)

It was also a good excuse to get out of the house; the weather this weekend was really nice – warm, finally. Next weekend, thus, if the weather repeats I’m hoping to hit the beach… gotta get started on the burning early. ;)

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