iPhone tethering

Le sigh.  It’s that time again.  When I’m going to be on the road for a while and I’m going to need more than 2 GiB of data, and more functionality than what my iPad can offer.  I’m going to need tethering.

Unfortunately I have iOS 6 on my iPhone.  So far as I can tell, word on the jailbreaking street is that it’s technically possible but pointless at this stage, as all the changes in iOS 6 have rendered Cydia and many other apps broken.  Bollocks.

So now instead I get to play with SOCKS proxies.  Urgh.  Safari works painlessly.  Mail doesn’t work at all.  Adium works if you manually edit the proxy settings for every single account.  Who thought that was a good design?

My main interest is in having a conduit to upload photos, as I hope I’ll fill my SD cards pretty quickly.  It’d be nice to use the Camera Connection Kit, but of course it’s not functional on an iPhone, just iPads.  Grrr.

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    • Official tethering costs over $70 a month here, with AT&T, and would require me to abandon my unlimited data plan (for 5 GiB instead).

      So I’m looking at unofficial tethering mechanisms, like iProxy and iPhone SOCKS Proxy.


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