Shooting tethered with a D3200

Ugh… random tip:  the Nikon D3200 will refuse to take a shot, while tethered, unless there is an SD card in the camera.  Even if you turn off shutter lock (which does work when not tethering).

Also, Live View isn’t available at all while tethering.  That’s annoying.  The point of tethering is to get precise studio/macro shots, which likely requires manual focus, which is really hard to do through the view finder at the best of times, let-alone when the camera is sitting on your desk (or in my case, a copy of “The Folklore of Discworld”, in lieu of a real tripod).

Also, the provided USB cable is all of about half a metre long.  Not very useful.

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  1. Maria, Aperture is for Mac only. And I believe that they are cutting support for Aperture.

    For pc, try the free software as suggested by Irek.


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