Head-hunting spiders

I was accosted this evening upon entering the bathroom, by a rather sprightly huntsman which felt it necessary to jump on my head as I opened the door. Happily for me though, it jumped off again virtually straight away, such that I had enough time to realise something was in my hair, but not enough to react erroneously or get worried. :)

It didn’t scare me at all, actually, just surprised me. The poor thing seemed far more scared of me than I of it – perhaps it was on the door when I opened it, and simply fell. I dunno. It did me no harm though – it just hid under the edge of the basin, where it still was last I looked.

I’m not sure it’s normal to see so many spiders, so regularly… I’m getting worried now. :) I joke about my car carrying a family of them, since half of my encounters have been there, but perhaps there’s more truth to that than even I suspected. :)

Ah well, they don’t eat me, only bugs, which is fine by me.

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