Fear of Girls

So a while ago I met Laz, through Bronwyn & Alco, and the topic of roleplaying or somesuch came up. He invited me into a D&D group he was just starting. So, we all know what D&D is – Dungeons & Dragons. Laz has been DMing – Dungeon Master(ing) – for a long time. The DM is the guy who runs the game, more or less – enforces the rules, makes new ones as necessary, bends existing ones if we provide sufficient offerings of tasty food and such, etc.

Now of course, it’s possible there’s a little bit of a stigma against D&D, and those who play it. ;) So, while I was interested, I was also worried. :)

But, I figured – a) Laz is a cool and always funny guy to be around, and b) D&D is no different from Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights or any similar computer RPG, with the notable exception that it’s social and has a way better storyline. Plus, something in my geeky soul whispered to me that I had to try D&D at least once. I think there’s a code somewhere which mandates it. ;)

So anyway, I dragged Damien in with me and we headed off to Laz’s place. Our group consisted of Bronwyn & Alco, Stef, Angela and David. And so off we went, killing stuff. It was actually a real lot of fun – Laz started us off with an interesting story, which was a riddle of mystery’s in a very Sherlock Holmes style, and we all had a great time picking fun at ourselves and the game. No, none of us came dressed in armour and sword – although Damien does own such things anyway :P – and in reality it was much more like a focused party than any of the stereotypical portrayals. Rather than sitting around a table eating chips & dip and bitching about people, we sat around a table eating chips & dip and stretching a few mental muscles.

But nonetheless, I still have a fear of those really weird D&D player stereotypes. This film, Fear of Girls, pokes just a little fun at them. It sponsored this little random divulgence. I think it speaks for itself, so go watch it. :)

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