Dungeons & Dragons Starcraft

Yes, believe it or not, there is a D&D Starcraft map. Chris & I tested it out a bit together… it actually represents a huge amount of work by some very very bored person(s). They’ve really pushed the limits of what Starcraft can realistically do; well beyond what’s officially supported with StarEdit. Until now I hadn’t realised what you could do. You can actually add in new heros, completely change everything – such as how many times you can upgrade something, not just from 0 to 3 – and so forth. I wish I had that functionality; I modified a map last night to try and promote a different gameplay style, but ultimately ran into the limits of what StarEdit permits.

There is a 3rd party program which purportedly extends StarEdit, but it requires a Carbon version of StarEdit… which doesn’t exist. Ah-huh. Go figure.

Although now that I actually fiddle with it, it works! Hooray! I can now tweak a few more things.

Hmmm… yep, that’s about it. The D&D map might have worked okay with half a dozen players, but whoever DMs has to really know what they’re doing; Starcraft obviously wasn’t designed for this sort of thing. But there’s some potential in it.

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