Burning iso’s to disks, not being evil, and … bum bum baaaaah.. thesis :)

  1. Figured out how to “burn” an iso image to an arbitrary volume, by cat’ing it directly to the relevant /dev entry. Very cool. I wanted to take an iso of Debian Business Card and throw it onto the USB flash disk. I have no idea if it’s actually bootable, but I think it should be… in any case, at least now I know how to burn images like that. There’s no GUI app that I’m aware of which can do that.
  2. Was nice to Laura. Awww.
  3. More thesis. Aside from the OS stuff I still need to actually do, before I can write it up, it’s pretty much done [textually]. I’m going through now peppering it with references, and then will hopefully get some time to throw in some nice images. It’s about 45 pages of pure text, which should leave me with enough room for some reasonable formatting and glitz.

    Of course, I’m not satisfied with the thesis itself; it’s quite a crock, really. But it’s something, and there is enough effort into it – misguided or otherwise – that I don’t feel too bad about handing it in. Hopefully it can be appreciated that the task I was given to do is more than a handful, especially given I’m still doing a normal degree’s coursework this year, let alone my own life outside of uni. They should just put it into the uni EULA that you waive all rights to exist outside of the uni’s miniscule scope of comprehension.

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