Bug Crusher Extraordinaire

Today was a good day. I actually got some good work done today, at work, and squished a quite interesting bug. I ended up hanging around an extra few hours to do so, but it was worth it. I had a great ride home as a result – a real high. :)

I also had my first Steve sighting. Yes indeedy, he was naught but twenty feet away, eating with Ive at the cafe as we walked in. I couldn’t help but laugh – Ashley was so excited last week when he similarly saw him, and even some of the permanent employees talk excitedly about Steve sightings. It really is like a cult, sometimes, here… the reverence reserved for Steve is just disturbing. :)

And I’m continually confronted by Australian anachronisms I never knew existed. Today I learnt that muesli is more or less a foreign word to most people here – some have seen something in the stores with “muesli” on it, but it doesn’t register anything like it does in Australia.

They have no idea what a dunny is, although they are familiar with “water closet”, which is apparently European.

Also, I have now watched Jurassic Park twice in as many nights, and I think it’s on again tomorrow night…. 81 channels, nothing on. Gah!

And if you thought Australian cable TV was bad for ads – that god damn stupid frog – you have no idea… there’s more ads on U.S. consumer-paid cable than free to air Australian TV. Seriously. And they do evil things like put long ad breaks between the end of a show and the credits, so you sometimes wait through all that crap for no reason. That is evil.

And as usual, we don’t get any of the good channels – movies and such. Although I do like the SciFi channel – they have a Stargate and Atlantis marathon, one day after another, at the start of January. I will thus be unavailable for several days during this period. :D

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