Australian vs U.S. car prices

The conventional wisdom is that cars are way cheaper in the U.S. And that may be true – for U.S. cars, like Ford or whatnot. Mustangs are dirt cheap here (they’re also dirt quality, though). But European cars are very expensive. Maybe more-so than in Australia, even.

And the car I’m currently eyeing, the hybrid Honda Civic, is only $3,000 cheaper here in the U.S. than in Australia (going by MSRP and today’s exchange rate). That’s not particularly impressive. :(

What I’m curious about (for comparison) is what the price of the Pontiac G8 will be – i.e. Holden VE Commodore. The potentially-optimistic quotes I’ve heard put it at around $35k U.S., which is a worry, because the low-end Omega model goes for $35k Australian… it’s likely Pontiac will start their base model on a higher VE model – probably the SS V at least – but still…

I was promised cheap cars, and the delivery has been lacking. :/

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