Yay for drugs-on-demand

Well, after five or six weeks of indecisive back and forth, dilly-dallying and backflipping, my right big toe decided it was going to get infected. I think it’s even contemplating coming off entirely – it’s half detached now anyway. Quit bitchin’ and just be lucky I didn’t post pictures. :P

So now I’m packin’ 40 awesome little brown pills of anti-bacterial goodness, that supposedly – if taken every six hours on the dot for the next 240 – will cure me of all that ails me. Ten days of antibiotics? That doesn’t seem right… maybe I’m about to lose my whole darn leg to gangrene, but, I really don’t think so… the doctor was quite nice and personable, and I don’t think anyone would doubt the diagnosis – heck, anyone in the same room as me today would wonder WTF died; turns out these sort of infections smell exactly like that certain, especially nasty variety of cat saliva, magnified 100x… bizarre… anyway, I was more hoping, nonetheless, for something along the lines of “get lots of rest and keep up your fluids”… going straight to the hard drugs, well.. that seems a bit flippant.

I guess we’ll see by this time next week how wise or not it is.

As far as I understand it, taking antibiotics like this will effectively flush my entire body of most of its bacteria, so I’ll get to start from scratch. I’m unsure whether that’s a good thing or not… on the one hand, it might give me the same general biological composition as the natives here, which may aid my health overall, but then, it may also expose me to all manner of bizarre new ferocious critters… hmm.. :/

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