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I installed the “WP Retina 2x” plug-in, excited to use and abuse my iPad 3’s extra pixels (and those of any future Retina Macs I might acquire).  Unfortunately, two hours later, while it’s mostly working it’s basically requiring too much manual fixing to be viable.

The first problem was that it uses the PHP variable $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] and assumes “wp-content” sits immediately above that.  In my config it does not, so all image links (including built-in ones, and in the admin interface) immediately broke.  Awesome.

I managed to hard-code in the necessary intermediary path, in all the places it’s used, but that’s horrible and fragile and will get wiped out completely when I invariably forget about the hack and blindly update to the next version.  Le sigh.

More obnoxiously – since I have no viable workaround as yet – it doesn’t actually work for images where the Retina version’s pixel dimensions are identical to the original’s; it doesn’t generate the special @2x version of the file (fine, since that would be redundant), but nor does it know to refer to the original instead.  So you just get nothing; just the non-Retina version.  Duplicating the original and renaming it to fit the @2x naming convention works around this, but I’m hardly going to do that for each and every image I upload.  Ugh.

Also, WordPress itself is being buggy about images; when I insert them as the “Large”  size it uses the right image file but shrinks its dimensions in the HTML to a seemingly arbitrary smaller size.  I have to manually correct the HTML for every img tag.  #@%!

Websites are a pain in the arse.  WordPress barely improves things.

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  1. Hello Wade, I just dropped by to see how that was working. Terrible it seems ;)

    I am really willing to help all the users of this plugin, and obviously I am trying my best (check the forums everywhere). I am constantly trying to make it better, and if you didn’t notice, there are almost updates every two days, as it is a very young plugin that I’m trying to make working with every case possible.

    About the “it doesn’t actually work for images where the Retina version’s pixel dimensions are identical to the original’s”, yes, it is a bug (you’ve seen Robin Chung comment before here: https://photos.meow.fr/wp-retina-2x-wordpress-plugin/#comment-583889280). But why not to talk about it and try to help me (contact/forum/email) rather than being so negative about it?

    I don’t know how you are using WordPress but I don’t have the issues you mentioned at the very end. I think you expect that all those free tools has to work by myself magically for your own sake, but the truth is that it is a community. This post doesn’t help your readers and put my hard work straight in the trash-bin.

    If you think WordPress and this plugin are a pain, please give an example of another solution or combo that do it better. Look around…


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