iPad 3 is finally here

Who delivers an iPad 3 at 2:45 PM on release day?  I mean really

And then it takes two hours to sync all my crap to it.  Makes it a little awkward to really enjoy that “oooh shiny!” moment.

But it’s here, and done, and good to go.  It is noticeably heavier than my iPad 2… seemingly far more so than the actual weight difference.  I’m not sure why that is.  Or why I don’t recall having any such feelings about the original, heavier iPad.  Maybe my wrists have withered miserably since then.

Oh, and FWIW the Speedtest.net results for LTE when it’s sitting on my desk are ~14-21mbps down and 7.6-11.2mbps up.  If memory serves the 3G performance in the same place is more like 4-6mbps down.  I’d like to test the 3G performance on the same device, but if you turn off LTE cellular data doesn’t work at all.  Awesome.

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