To iPad 2 or Not to iPad 2

Gah, indecision.  I was almost certain I was going to order an iPad 2 right on 1 AM, but now that I go to push through the motions, I find myself backing out.  “Wait ’til morning, see how you feel” crosses my mind.  Damn my insufferable apathy!

I’m also tempted just to rock up to some store and play with one first, and the “smart” cases and all that… better decide what accessories I might wish to jump right into.  I actually wish they used the older cases, the ones that actually cover the back – you know, the part that actually gets scratched.  If only the entire iPad 2 were made of glass…

Also in my mind is the cost… ostensibly it’s no big deal, but it is $930 or so once stupid California state tax is accounted for, and I’m wondering how long it might be ’til Apple employees can buy them with discount.

Another factor is the iOS Developer Program membership.  Still no response after an hour and a half or so, which isn’t unexpected by their rules but for which I am impatient nonetheless.  I don’t seriously think there’ll be any issues, but the paranoid part of me suggests belaying any iDevice purchases until after the dev program membership is confirmed.

Since any iPad app I write at this point should probably still support the original iPad, and on the basis that the iPad 2 is in every way a superset of the original and therefore doesn’t necessarily need its own performance testing, it’s hard to justify an iPad 2 from a “business” perspective.

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