In immeasurably more uplifting news, dad emailed me a week or so ago to inform me that both he and mum would be coming over in December. It was very much out of the blue – dad had been talking about visiting this year for ages, yet I figured it was about as good as my own talk about travel; all plans, prior to the application of a brutal, careless reality. I’m rarely so happy to be wrong.

This of course means that I will have to don my Tourguide cap. Hell, that means I have to somehow obtain a Tourguide cap… I wonder how fast those cable car conductors can run… hmm…

Luckily my lazy arse has yet to see half the typical tourist attractions round here, so I’ll be just as enthused as they will.

And I also need to get my arse into gear about travel over Thanksgiving. It’s one of those things that’s a given yet inexplicably fails to organise itself. Stupid causality. The leading plan is still to visit either W.A. and/or N.T. – hopefully get in some trekking, maybe some diving – and swing back via Melbourne as per last year. Aside from my own laziness, the roadblock is awaiting confirmation, or otherwise, from Bobo as to whether she’ll join me for said expedition. I can go by myself, of course, but I need to know either way before I can make plans.

Yes, I must do this, soon. I shall curtail the wild partays temporarily until it is done. ;)

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