Last night I went to a place called Sky High Sports, where they have a large number of trampolines all piled together. It doesn’t seem terribly exciting, but time passes surprisingly quickly, and it’s a surprisingly good workout. Plus, it’s guaranteed to produce injuries at regular intervals. ;)

It’s been a very long time since I was on a trampoline, and my old fear of going through one was not helped by the fact that two trampolines did in fact tear right across while we were there.

One guy was also carted off by the fire brigade after dislocating his ankle (or so we heard). Three people in our group went home with sore ankles – sprains, presumably. But I think we did pretty well. :D

The main attraction, I suppose, is the dodgeball arena. I sucked, but, it was pretty entertaining.

There were a lot of people there, though, very nearly all younger than us – probably high school kids, I guess. But then, when we arrived at 10pm there were even younger kids just leaving then; I suddenly understood why it had been arranged to be so late at night.

You get the feeling some people take it a wee bit seriously… those with the annual membership, for example, and the ones that know the routine better than the staff. It was fun playing dodgeball with them on my team; sucked otherwise. :)

After that a few of us went home via “inandout”, which is kinda of a derelict, run-down version of McDonalds. Cheap and average food, with your selections being all of about four things, plus any of half a whole dozen drinks. I’d heard of the chain before – they’re reasonably big, I hear – but hadn’t been. I’ve actually been eating relatively healthy for a while now, simply because I’ve very rarely been eating out and my own cooking is boring and relatively healthy. :)

I ate right before I went, though, as I was running late… that wasn’t a particularly intelligent move. :)

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