Time Compression

So, there’s a mini-series on SciFi at the moment called The Triangle. Sam Niel, the chick from Jag, and a few other familiar faces. Quite good, actually.

The especially interesting part of it all – given the show’s about time travel and distortion, etc – is how all three parts have appeared on TV some four times each, in just four nights. They’ll appear for a fifth time each this Sunday.

Now, Foxtel in Australia has channels which are just copies of another channel, time shifted back a few hours. But here, it’s a little crazier. All these showings are on the same channel, SciFi. And what’s more, they don’t even occur in episode sequence – last night they had episode 1, followed by episode 2 three times. Tonight it’s episode 2 followed by episode 3 three times. And it’s on again tomorrow night. And Sunday.


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