There’s a boat in there?!

Today was a pretty slow day. I woke up with that light headache still lingering, although once I’d had breakfast and a few glasses of water & orange juice (not mixed :P ), I felt better. I wrote in my journal for a while (the previous entry) while my clothes were in the wash. Once that was done I put them out on the line, and headed over to nana & pop’s. I wanted to get some more work done, but also a swim. I needed net access, also, for work. Nana & pop’s place fits all these requirements. :D

So I worked all afternoon, which went pretty well actually – got quite a bit done. I then went to pick Chris up from Frankston station; I’d mentioned online about pop’s boat getting dug out soon, and naturally he wanted to be here for the unveiling. :) On the way back from Frankston, at the traffic lights for the turnoff to the beach & pier, there’s two lanes and a turning lane (to the right). Some jackass in the left hand lane had decided, while sitting at the lights, that he desperately had to turn. So, when the lights turned green he started turning, but of course got stuck waiting for all the cars actually in the turning lane to move. I was in the right hand lane right behind him, and honked a few times. I’m certainly not known for my honking, or even flashing lights, but it was just too hot to be complacent today.

Anyway, Chris & I were just saying how much we hated inconsiderate sods like that, as we were driving off, when I suddenly saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Sure enough, two cars behind me was a police panel van, and they turned off after the obsessive lane changer. Sweet. :D

So that gave us a good laugh as we continued on.

Once we got back to nana & pop’s we were soon in the pool with pop. It was about 31, which would actually be a bit too warm normally, except it was nearly 7pm by this time and so the sun was shadowed off the pool by the house, making it all pretty pleasant in sum.

Anyway, this boat business. So, while I was talking to pop during the afternoon I’d mentioned that dad might be off sailing at that time, given he’d mentioned it as a possibility for today. That didn’t happen, as it turns out, but anyway, it got me thinking about the catamaran pop has in the shed. Supposedly, anyway… it’s been stuck in there for most of my life, as long as I can remember, and I seriously doubt it’s seaworthiness these days… nonetheless, pop insists it’d still be perfectly good. So, the plan now is, weather and time permitting, to try and get all the junk off it, so we can get it out of the garage, patched up, and down to the beach.

I think I’ll open a betting pool as to what will happen when it actually touches the water… my money’s on “dissolve”. :P

So that’s what we’re currently looking forward to. Pop put the towbar back on his car, and checked out the sails – they’re apparently in good enough order. There’s quite a few things on it that need replacing, though, although nothing that can’t be done for a handful of dollars and in short order. I suspect we may actually get it out in the water tomorrow… although I’ll be heading out to dinner for Marzi’s thing, so I don’t have as much of the day as I’d like.

Anyway, Chris & I are both setup with our Powerbooks now, and we’re about to start trying to code up Germs, a game idea I’ve had for ages. Well, a small portion of it – I’m hoping we can actually get something working tonight. Whether it’ll be interesting or entertaining is of course entirely speculative. :)

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