SceneKit & shaders

Note: Since writing this originally I’ve figured out how to get at least some aspects of shaders working.  I’m still trying to flesh out the rest.  I’ll post an update or revised entry at some point. Ugh.  SceneKit supports shaders, technically.  But it’s almost unequivocally unusable.  Let me count the reasons: It doesn’t support geometry shaders… Read more

+[SCNTransaction setCompletionBlock:] always invokes the block immediately

It’s supposed to invoke your block when all the animations in the current transaction have completed. It doesn’t; it runs it as soon as the transaction is committed. Le sigh. It does appear to do it from the main runloop at least, as documented. So there is technically a delay, as a consequence of that… Read more

All UTIs for packages must inherit from

I had a devil of a time trying to get Xcode to recognise my standard Core Data UIManagedDocuments, given they are bundles, not flat files.  Turns out one of the keys was that your UTI must inherit from  I had rather more sensibly (IMHO) inherited from one of the built-in database UTIs.  Silly me for… Read more