Suspiciously healthy

I had a quick blood test the other day, just tip-of-the-finger style, for blood sugar & cholesterol levels. And had my blood pressure checked, too. Blood sugar was 89 – one off ‘perfect’ of 90, but I think the Kit Kat immediately afterwards probably rectified that ;) – and the cholesterol was lower than they even had categories for. That doesn’t really surprise me, though – I don’t really eat fatty or greasy foods, usually; never really have. The sugar result was surprising; I was hoping to register “TILT” on their little machine. ;)

And blood pressure was fine, more or less. But then most often when a reading is taken, it’s completely different from the previous one, so… I think I’m less stressed these days, for the most part, so I would have been disappointed by a high reading.

I still haven’t been to the gym yet, other than the two times to buy lift tickets. :/

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