Santa Cruz Update

Ashley finally shared some of his photos, which I quickly snarfed and have added to my collection. There’s a lot of duplicates of what I also photographed, but then again quite a few new ones. I’m particularly happy that he got a photo of the old railroad bridge – I was a bit slow on that one and missed out.

They’re also a good comparison for his camera versus mine. The colours in his are a bit over-saturated in some of the photos – particularly the greens – but then my camera’s default settings were the same; it’s a common problem with consumer cameras. Increasing saturation is a cheap trick to make photos appear better, but I prefer as close to reality as possible. At least for the originals – it’s easy enough to stylise things after the fact.

The biggest difference is the fish-eye distortion and blurring evident in my photos, versus his, which have very very little. In some ways I’m a little disappointed at some of my photos in that regard, as it really reduces the usable size of the photo, but then Ashley’s camera is twice the size of mine – not a compact by any definition – and that was the trade off I chose. I’m also disappointed as to how my camera fares versus Matteo’s D70, and Sket’s 20D, and so forth… but then, for the price they paid for their cameras, you’d bloody well want to hope they’re a lot better than mine. :)

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