I’m reading back over this journal, which after all is why it was created to start with – for self reflection – and I’m reminded of a few things I find important.

I mentioned Myers-Briggs testing, and that area before, but forgot one very important realisation that came from that lecture. It is that I’m more and more an extroverted thinker, rather than introverted as I once was. That is, I tend to speak my thoughts aloud, while I’m still seeing where they’re going. Mario, our ENT lecturer, made the very apt example of himself and his girlfriend. He’s extroverted in this manner, his girlfriend is introverted. So he’ll pipe up something in a conversation, that’s far from a final opinion, just a bit of brain chatter. But his girlfriend will take that as his final conclusion. And inevitably this leads to conflict.

I just think it’s worth mentioning. Some people seem to get the wrong idea about what I mean, or where I’m going with something.

And now I can’t remember what my second big point was going to be, since Sket & Bobo dropped by and sent my train of thought careening down the side of a mountain. D’oh.

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