One more week down

Not a lot more to report. I have another filling, which from memory brings the total to eight. I’m starting to regret going for the new-fangled non-metallic fillings; I’d be halfway to Jaws by now otherwise. ;)

On the upside, I skipped the anaesthetic so it took less time than a regular check-up, woo-hoo!

I’ve missed the ski buses this weekend, because I’m disorganised and procrastinative. And the weather’s really good, too; it’ll be a great weekend for it. To further add insult to injury, I’ve gotten wind of free accom. up for grabs at Whistler through ’til the middle of the week. Very tempting, though it’d cost $400 just to get there and back, let alone rentals and the fact that my boss would be dangerously curious why I was so elusive for most of the week. Sod.

I saw Watchmen last night with Steve. I liked it. I didn’t have any trouble following it, and while I was rightly suspicious of some parts as we watched, I didn’t foresee how it ended, which is to say it was well written and interesting. But long. I didn’t get home ’til after 3am.

There’s a lot of sweet (-looking, anyway) action movies coming out in the next four months or so – Crank 2, Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation… and then there’s of course Up, which I finally saw a meaningful trailer of last night, and my scepticism has drained significantly; it now has clear promise rather than being largely abstract.

Though the Wolverine movie appears to have failed grade three physics, which annoys me already.

Also, I may face the greatest crisis of taste in recorded history next month, when Dragonball: Evolution comes out. But it stars James Marsters! How can this be? It’s unfair. You should not be able to put awesome actors into rubbish like that. There needs to be laws.

If he utters the words “charging” or “nine thousand” I will have to don mad scientist goggles and begin work on a time machine.

In a purportedly more serious note, my aggressive indifference to Google has been tempered somewhat by, of all people, Lawrence Lessig, whom details Google’s subtle but powerful moves to revolutionise copyright law re. Google Books. A sad coincidence that the Author’s Guild settlement came in recently too, and smells suspiciously like an RIAA affair.

The cramps and pains of those bastard sit-ups have finally subsided, so I’ll be able to do a second set next week. I hate this stage of exercising.

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