Of sneaky posts and crystal Powerbooks

While it may appear at this point that I haven’t posted for two days, very naughtily, I think you’ll find appearances are deceiving. I’m sure the missing posts will magically appear over the next day or two. They’re shifty like that.

In current news, I put a nice big dint in my Powerbook last night. The laptop (in it’s case) was hooked over my shoulder, and slipped off. It barely even touched the ground – I managed to catch it, more or less – but apparently that was enough. When I got it out today I plugged in the power cable and though “hmm, that’s shoddy work there, the case doesn’t line up properly”… then of course I saw the big dint on the back side, and just about freaked. Initially the power connector wouldn’t even go in far enough, although with a bit of force it’s now working well enough.

So, just a cosmetic problem, but still, a bloody shame… every computer I’ve ever had is still in pristine condition, except now this one. I’m contemplating trying to push the bump out a bit when I get home, but I fear damaging it further… might just let it be.

And that was when it was in the case, with all the padding that entails… imagine what it would have been like had it dropped off the edge of a table or something – the damn thing’d probably shatter. I wonder if the alloy in these Powerbooks was over-compensated for the brittleness of the original Tibooks (which apparently had a habit of spontaneously snapping in half).

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