My inner greenie

I remember as a kid thinking planes were so wasteful, that I’d never fly in one without a really good reason… I even wondered if space exploration was worth the environment cost of rocket & shuttle launches.

I really am a greenie at heart. Although I did stop short of buying the tree-hugger car, a Prius. I just couldn’t hack the crap Jens would give me. ;)

And yet I’ve now flown, in total, around the world maybe three times, thereabouts? Possibly more, actually. So much for the greenie there.

I think I’m quite wasteful, really… I try not to be, but I generate a lot of general house garbage… I even worry about using this G5 PowerMac so much, as it uses more than an order of magnitude more power than my Powerbook, yet is absolutely no better at things like writing my journal, like this.

I’d like to put solar panels on the roof here. I might look into that, see what it would cost, and whether Rosemary would mind. It’d be nice to be more self-sufficient. It feels like a pipe dream at the moment, but, who knows… I’ve noticed myself getting slowly but surely more spontaneous over just the past four of five months… I kinda like it; I think it’s an improvement. It hasn’t gotten me into trouble yet… at least, not that I’ve realised. :D

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