Total Annihilation

I tried to think up a good title for this, but “Total Annihilation” is just so freakin’ cool anyway. :D

It arrived today, my TA Gold boxed kit. Better late than never, right? :) There’s a few glitches running it in Classic, but luckily none that interfere with the gameplay once you get into it. It’s funny now, looking at it, and thinking about how poorly it ran back on ye ol’ Pentium II 266MHz… my G5 just sort of looks at it, raises an eyebrow in amusement, and goes back to what it was doing. Nice. :D

‘course, the gameplay is a little stale now… it’s a lot easier than I remember, and it took all of about ten minutes to hit the unit limit (250… can’t remember how to increase that). So I just swarmed by three opponents with those units, and won in about two minutes. Hmm…

I always remember the single player being entertaining but rather unchallenging, and multiplayer insanely hard. I may be able to talk F2 into a game, but odds are long against Ross & F1.. ah well.

I’ll have to check out that open-source clone… also, I wish Supreme Commander would get ported, although I have heard it’s a bit lacking in gameplay. Still, that’s what many said about TA too..

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