keyDown: fires even when your app is in the background

It appears that the standard behaviour for an NSView (NSResponder in general?) is for it to “hold onto” pressed keys.  That is, if a key is held down the view will keep getting keyDown: events until the key is lifted, no matter what else happens.  So it can lose focus or the app loses frontmost status or anything else – it’ll still sit there spewing keyDown: events.

I don’t know a proper way to change this behaviour.  You can work around it by ignoring keyDown: invocations while ![NSApp isActive].  Seems to work, without any obvious downsides.  Definitely a hack, though.  In my specific case I don’t ever care about repeats, so I could filter them using -[NSEvent isARepeat].  Or ignore repeats iff ![NSApp isActive].  Significantly less hackish, if it fits your requirements.

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