It’s the movies again

Last night I went and saw Knocked Up with Mike & Follis. I’d been thinking going to see Shrek 3 myself, but hadn’t gotten around to organising anything and happened to still be around at work when Mike & Follis were leaving.

Since it was opening day it was pretty much full, although we got there half an hour early and this time were amongst the first people in, so seating was fine. The audience also were a little less… frustrating, although they did highlight my differing sense of humour from the apparent norm – I found myself laughing quite out of time with the rest in many places.

Anyway, the movie itself was pretty good… Follis made out that it was going to be super fantastic, but I’m not sure I’d go so far. It had a lot of funny bits, and got a good balance of humour and meaningful drama, although my one notable gripe was that it was a bit shallow… I didn’t really find the character’s actions believable a lot of the time; there just wasn’t the right level of staging and detail. But I guess you can only fit so much into finite time.

Afterwards we grabbed something to eat at TGI Friday’s, and I headed off home.

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