It’s the knocking that’s actually quite important

After warbling around somewhat unpromisingly during the week, the state of the kitchen is now, against all odds… clean. Well, sans the stovetop, oddly, but… sweet. I can actually find a surface to put things on again! Yay!

In contrast to this blissful occurrence, I just a little while ago walked in on Francisco’s dad in what appeared to be his underwear. I saw light under the door, knew Francisco was in New York this weekend, figured he’d left the light on, just walked straight in… d’oh. Worst thing is, if I’d thought about it for a second or two I would have realised the light wasn’t on when I got home earlier. Bad subconscious, bad threat evaluation!

Otherwise the week was uneventful; work, all good. Saw “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” tonight with Steve & Erick… it’s 3D, so we got some dorky glasses that look like what you’d expect on a white collar husband & father from the 1960s. The movie itself wasn’t as bad as I’d expected – all in all reasonable entertainment, if edging slightly towards a younger audience – but the 3D was annoying… a lot of the time the effect didn’t work, depending on focal distance, so very near or very far things were just blurry, or at times even clearly two images, out of alignment. In a few places they made good use of the 3D which was quite entertaining, but otherwise it really just was an action flick which didn’t really utilise it. Odd choice.

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