Got my iPad 2 today. :D :D :D :D :D :D

It’s so shiny!  And thin!  My old iPad is already bitching and moaning about being “replaced” and “detritus” and “nobody would even care if I just blew up my own motherboard” or whatever.

Of course, superficially it’s not hugely different – it’s way thinner, and it is a little lighter, but you can feel the increased density.  In any case, I’m after it for the guts – the extra space (16 GiB to 64 GiB), the extra RAM (256 MiB to 512 MiB), the insanely beefier graphics, and of course the extra CPU core & the update to Cortex-A9 doesn’t hurt.

Hopefully the compass in this one actually works.  That’d be real nice.

It’s syncing now.  Xcode can’t identify it because it’s build 8F191 instead of the 4.3 update’s 8F190.  Grrr… I’m sure I can grab the 8F191 SDK from somewhere, but, why doesn’t Xcode just do it for me?  It did at least generate a provisioning profile, or whatever, I’ll give it that much.

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