It never rains…

I tells ya, it’s a harsh world – several weekends with nothing much happening, and then I run into Gus at work and realise he’s not in France like I’d thought, and now he’s doing the movie thing tomorrow night (Resident Evil 3, which despite all logic I want to see :D ) and yet at the same time the Francisco’s & Ross are checking out some garageband ;) called The Arcade Fire, whom are playing – along with LCD soundsystem – up in Mountain View tomorrow night.

I’m going to the latter, simply ’cause they got to me first, although I think it should be pretty cool… I think the last concert I went to was Taxiride, way back in like 2nd year uni… maybe even 1st year, I can’t remember – I was still with Sarah, and that was, what… bugger, I can’t even remember.

Anyway, I realised the other day that, I think the first concert I went to was Michael Jackson. Huh… I feel old. :(


Also, and iLike suck. iLike pulls all it’s data from my iTunes database, integrates just nicely with iTunes as a plugin, and displays exactly the kind of charts and info I want… except, not in a web widget that I can stick on my website. Umm… duh?, on the other hand, also displays data in a usable format and lets me put it on my website, but – while it scanned my iTunes library when it launched, inexplicably – has some weird standalone program that has to be running in the background alongside iTunes to notice what you’re doing, and doesn’t read my existing song info. Um… wtf? It’s taken years, literally, to build up my song metadata (crucially, play count)… I don’t particularly feel like committing to run for a few years just so it might produce a nice web widget for me. Pfft.

I can’t recall if I mentioned, but I spent half of last Sunday trying to rejig the damn My iTunes to actually show my favourites, without success… there’s no workaround I’ve been able to find. So at the ridicule of F1 and Ross I started checking out various websites online which offer the same kind of web widgets, thus and iLike, the two most popular by far. Yet they suck… I don’t get it. It looks like they had a good idea and tried to commercialise it, against all odds, rather than just implementing it and make it great.

Gah! I hate the web. I probably really am going to have to write my own.. ah well, I guess it can go into the general “redo website so it doesn’t suck” todo list.

Anyway… I ended up working later than expected tonight and missed out on the SIGGRAPH meeting that was on, which I’d been kinda looking forward to for a few weeks. :/ Ah well.

I’ve been doing a lot of coding on the Keychain framework this week, which has been both rewarding – I’ve made irregular but substantial progress – and tiring… I don’t think I’ve gotten to bed before 1am yet this week… which means I start work late, which means I work later to compensate, which means I start coding the keychain later, which means… uhhhh… :(

I hate it when this happens. I just need some magic widget (can you tell what today’s word is? Actually it’s disambiguate, but that’s neither here nor there) that’ll grant me 8 extra hours when used. I’d only need it once every few months… just to catch up on things so I can reset back to a relatively normal cycle.

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