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I’ve been working with the AUC for nearly three years now. And by working I mean, a student developer sponsored by them. In 2003 I received a seeding grant to develop a system for distributed processing. The area isn’t an original one, but some of my focuses were – that the system work in an ad-hoc fashion, requiring no central administration, no complex configuration, and with high security manageable by even the most basic users.

There was also an interest in very low latency operation, such that interactive programs (e.g. Photoshop) could be parallelised with this system, and deliver direct, visible benefits.

They extended the seeding grant – which included loan of a G3 iBook and other resources – through 2004. In 2005, I applied for and received the first AUC Student Scholarship (of three available, for the first time, in 2005). This was essentially to continue on with my work, but encompassed much more – the scholarship included a trip to WWDC in 2005 (which I’ll write about in much detail soon) and has blossomed into an internship at Apple this summer.

Wheels for the Mind 2005 (Autumn) (cached)

I certainly owe the AUC a great deal of appreciation and thanks. Without their support my project wouldn’t have gone very far at all, and certainly wouldn’t be alive today. Thanks to them I’ve managed to survive without a part time job during the uni year, which has meant both more time for my projects as well as uni.

I’d like to start this little stream of my journal off with tales from the AUC’s 2005 conference in Hobart, from which I returned just two days ago. So much of it is still fresh, that I’d like to get set in pixels before I lose it forever. I’ll then tackle WWDC last June, from which I gained so much and still remember like it was yesterday.

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