Holidays in a nutshell

I didn’t get up to much over the holiday break… I worked when the mood took me, which was occasionally, but otherwise just watched movies, gamed, and successfully avoided all household duties.

NYE I didn’t end up going out, which I felt pretty poor about going into the evening, but eventually realised that a) pretty much everyone I know was in another country at the time, b) this is the valley, it’s meant to be boring, and c) I didn’t really care. All my best experiences for many years now have not magically coincided with arbitrary dates, so I just can’t find it in me to care anymore whether I’m following proper social conventions.

That said, my implicit consolation was my intended snow trip in the coming month or two… however, I find I have stubbornly still refused to actually plan such an escapade, and additionally am concerned about getting this sodding car loan out of the way. That and my albatross of ages eczema, normally relatively-benignly confined to my hands – and conspicuously absent this winter – has apparently decided to flare up on my face, and the thought of thus being openly exposed to Canadian cold is rather unpalatable.

But despite how blatantly depressing that all sounds, all in all I did quite enjoy having some time to sit back and chill, and I did get a fair bit of useful work done, which has thus far excused me from working 28 hour days since resuming work proper.

And on the upside, Ross & F1 seem moderately interested in making bowling a weekly thing, which would be really good.

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