Also, Netflix randomly informed me a week or so ago that there’s actually a Hogfather movie. Sweet! I watched it yesterday, and was pretty impressed – it wasn’t flawless, but it was well done, and it carried over to the new medium the characters and humour pretty well – at least, as well as it could. I particularly liked the portrayal of Susan in the movie, by an otherwise unknown actress named Michelle Dockery. I was disappointed to find she has no other significant roles to date. There were a lot of big-name UK actors in it… I can’t really name any of them without cheating (imdb) but you instantly recognise their faces. I liked Albert, and Ridcully. I felt Death was also pretty cleverly done, really – it’s kinda hard to make a big sort of puppet-suit seem realistic when the character himself is meant to be a little stiff (being, well, Death), but it worked.

Nobby Nobbs… I wasn’t sure about his character when he first appeared – I’ve always had in mind a shorter, filthier, sneakier sort of person. But then in hindsight, I think they pretty much nailed it. That kinda goes for a lot of the characters – they weren’t really what I had in mind (though what this was I don’t really know anyway; it’s not like I had a picture), but, when you dismissed that initial caution they actually were really well cast and played.

Anyway, yes, Discworld on the big screen (metaphorically)! Yay! :D The Colour of Magic has also been made, too, though it’s yet to be released anywhere but the UK. :(

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