Four years & time for a new theme

It’s been a bit over four years since I moved this blog off of the old statically-built site, by iBlog 2, to WordPress.  Apparently it’s time for an updated theme.

Actually, Suffusion was pissing me off as per usual, and I accidentally applied a new theme when intending only to install it (apparently ‘Activating’ a theme applies it, which is sensible in hindsight but not as clear as it should be given how plug-ins work).  Turns out, you can’t easily go back – changing themes permanently wipes out a bunch of settings.  #%@!

And as per usual the backups plug-in I have installed had silently wedged itself and failed to back anything up for a couple of months.  Sigh.

WordPress is kinda shit.  It’s a mess.  A complicated, slow, buggy mess.  If I actually cared to spend any more time on this site, I’d start by looking for another platform.

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