Font sizes

I think the font here on my blog is too big, on my iMac.  But it looks really nicely sized on an iPad.  D’oh.

Throughout primary & secondary school I stubbornly stuck with Geneva 9 pt.  Printed, of course… kids today might not know what that means, but when I was growing up the older generation still insisted on reading things on finely pulped dead trees.

My teachers sometimes complained.  I couldn’t fathom what their problem was.

I don’t need glasses yet, as far as I know, but it can’t be far off.  My eyesight (and hearing) feel, to me, like they’re deteriorating.

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  1. Oh, yeah, I remember that. Also, if there was an open margin on any notepaper you insisted on it being filled up – even if it was the notebook of the guy next to you who didn’t quite understand why margins must be filled by drawings of monsters.


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