Die Hard 4

I went to see Die Hard 4 tonight (well, last night now… damn extended length). It was surprisingly good. Standard action flick, typical character stereotypes, and much in the vein of the previous ones. But it didn’t come across like it was trying to be anything other than a good laugh and some over-the-top but entertaining action. And it was.

Ratatouille opens this weekend, too, and I suppose I should go see it, you know, support the boss and all, but, I dunno… Pixar’s movies always look somewhat bland to me in trailers, yet nonetheless are always fantastic in full. So I’ll probably check it out, and probably love it. But I’m not enthused yet. :)

Also, I watched Employee of the Month a few nights ago, and that was surprisingly good, too. I’d heard nothing but mediocre reviews about it, and it sort of came and went without much noise, but it was very funny and also well written. Whodda thunkit. :)

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