I’m flying! Wheee! *splat*

So, granted the last time I really rode a bike was like ten years ago, but still… I don’t remember the pedals being so close to the ground. They actually come within just a few centimetres of it… on a so-called mountain bike. They hit the ground all the time when I’m going around corners… Read more

Ride into the southern Western Hills

I need to come up with a better naming scheme. The weather was pretty atrocious this morning, but it cleared up enough for me to gamble on it. So I set out to head south on DeAnza, at least to the end of it. I ended up following on into the hills a little bit,… Read more

Ride to the Stevens Creek Reservoir

So I got up relatively early last Saturday morning (9am… I don’t think I’ve slept in a single day since being here) with the intention of going to the gym for a good two hours or so, given I’ve missed three days this week. Of course, once I rode up there I remember it’s closed.… Read more

Retirement Vehicles

I just remembered another anecdote from my ride to Rancho San Antonio. At the retirement town there, they had a medical centre. In the carpark out the front, every second spot was taken by a golf cart. It looked hilarious. :) I’m quite jealous… wish I had a golf cart.

Riding to San Jose (well, trying)

So I’ve had a pretty good day, exercise wise. This morning I went the gym and worked out for an hour or so – just light stuff for the moment to ease myself into it. Then Ash and I went for a ride down towards San Jose, as traced on this map. I included a… Read more

Ride to Rancho San Antonio

Well, it’s been a busy week, and a reasonably busy weekend so far. Today’s big highlight was my ride up into the mountains west of here. Well, the foothills of the mountains, anyway. :) Let’s start with a map. I started at home, marked on the right. Went all the way to the end of… Read more