Blink XT review

Normally I’d just post a review like this on the merchant’s website – in this case Amazon.  Yet perplexingly when I tried to do so, I was given the error message: Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons… Read more

Nikon Z7 second first impressions

Having spent a week or so using the Z7 – though still not as much as I’d like, given the continued need to work for a living – I have some further thoughts, beyond / expanding upon my very first impressions. Autofocus Photo mode Autofocus is a problem. It is very clear that the Z7’s AF… Read more

iMac Pro benchmarks & performance evaluations

Bare Feats – What If You Had A TITAN Xp Attached To Your iMac Pro? (Vega64) Bare Feats – Rise of Tomb Raider: iMac Pro versus Mac Pro (8-core, Vega64) Bare Feats – iMac Pros versus Mac Pros running X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator (8-core, 10-core, Vega64) Bare Feats – 8-core versus 10-core iMac Pro: The Final Conflict (8-core, 10-core)… Read more