FAT directory traversal

I’m getting slowly closer to getting this FAT driver working in a usable fashion. As can be seen below, it’s now finally able to open the root directory and look for files in it. It should be able to traverse into other directories, too – I just don’t have a suitable test image handy. I… Read more

ADD transceiver working

So today I finally got the transceiver for our ADD project working. It’s a trivial little thing; it just sends and receives 32 bits of data at a time over a serial connection, using Manchester encoding. It was relatively tricky to do, though; harder than I expected. Transmission’s easy; receiving not so much, as there’s… Read more

The importance of working late

Now while I’m not particularly happy about my normal coding hours – say, 10pm till 4am – in this particular case they just did me wonders. I have some code, you see, which converts between NSCalendarDate and CSSM_DATEs – don’t worry if this is going over your head, it’s part of the boring, disgusting internal… Read more

Mmmm… delicious fatty goodness…

Do you know what this means? It means I’ve got our little FAT driver reading the entire FAT32 boot sector. What’s more, this is the very first ever run of this code; not a single error [that I can see]! Needless to say, I’m pretty much glowing right now. :D [Session started at 2006-05-11 12:28:42… Read more

FAT detection

To introduce with the conclusion, I’ve finally got my little disk driver – for the electronics project – detecting FAT formatted volumes (non-partitioned), and determining whether they’re FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. This is a surprisingly difficult thing to do, it seems. There’s not any handy flag anywhere that says what format the volume is. If… Read more

Oh the wasted cycles

An assignment I have at the moment is a simple cache simulator, as I think I’ve said before. Anyway, I thought the code was all done – all good. The results made sense, and it seemed to correspond with what dineroIV (a popular and powerful open source cache simulator, which we’re using as our reference,… Read more