Cadbury chocolate? I think not!

So I was surprised tonight to see this in the supermarket…

Cadbury Chocolate?!?What fun! Finally, some decent chocolate. At least, by my tastes. But alas, upon closer inspection, the deception is revealed…

Truth Revealed
Yes, it’s that “Mfd. by The Hershey Company” that does it. D’oh. So it’s not actually Cadbury, it’s just a licensing of the name. Damn. Nonetheless, I had to try some, just in case… I figured they’d at least have the same recipe.

And indeed, I guess, they did… but the final result was quite different. It was definitely milkier than normal chocolate here, but still with that dry flavour, and the unsavoury slight aftertaste. Definitely Hershey’s, no matter what it’s dressed up as.

Alas, it seems I am destined to continue eating healthy, despite my best efforts… ’tis truly heartbreaking. ;)

Other than that exciting highlight of today, I’ve mostly been looking at this:

Please Wait
That is, waiting for the computer to finish the AI turns in Civilisation 3. Tedious, but I’ve nearly conquered the filthy Greeks, so it’s worth it. :D

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