A new moon

Well, I was looking forward to the lunar eclipse, but wasn’t surprised when the clouds got in the way. It was clear to see as the moon rose above the eastern mountains, though – which was the best time, probably, because it looked so big and clear. At some points during the full eclipse the cloud was sparse enough that you could make out the dim disc, but only just. By the time you could see the moon again clearly, the eclipse was long over.

Ah well. Some photos went around the usual email channels, taken in this area, showing much the same poor view I had, so, at least three or four million other people also lost out. :)

In unrelated news, I’m going skiing and/or snowboarding this weekend. I hadn’t planned on going again so soon, but Tom’s back in Cali now and eager to get out there, so when he asked about it, I kinda went along with it… we’re going to Heavenly, the most expensive resort up at Tahoe – though I do hear it’s very good – and staying twin-share in town, which is a ways more pricey than I’d prefer, but… ah well. I’m sure it’ll be sweet as anyway. And hey, money’s for spending, right? :)

This time at least I won’t be driving, and we’ll be in an AWD Subaru – so goes the plan at this point – so it should be faster going than the last trip. Though I’m still wary of the whole South Lake area, so far as travel’s concerned, given how it was two years ago.. :/

I’ll take my camera, of course, but this time I’ll see about getting some better action shots, and maybe some video. It looks like the conditions are going to be very good – below freezing, but only by a few degrees so not blisteringly cold, and maybe a little snow, though not too much…

It is the end of winter break, though, which may mean it’s still really busy up there with school kids… :/

I’m not sure whether I’ll board or ski… it’d be nice to improve my boarding some more, but it looks like the others are all skiing, so… I’m not sure how good the match will be… but at least one of them – whom I haven’t met yet – hasn’t ski’d in a decade, so I figure that gives me a bit of leeway.

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