The last five years in photography

I’ve been reading through the back catalog of Digital Camera magazine, from the first issues available for the iPad back in 2009 or so.  There’s been a few things which have been amusing:

  • Teleconverters back then were apparently a great way to get extra reach basically for free.  Just avoid those 3x teleconverters – those start to degrade image quality.
  • Mirrorless cameras – primarily µ4/3rds – were going to take over the world Any Day Now™.
    • But nonetheless reviewers always score them poorly, mainly because image quality suffers so much.
  • Camera sensors are so good by 2010 that you don’t need wide apertures anymore.  With some cameras supporting ISOs as high as 3,200, you can capture anything with ease.
  • Cameras in 2010 were getting ‘unnecessarily high’ numbers of pixels.  16, 18 MP cameras are just silly overkill.  Obviously.  Nobody needs more than 12 MP.

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