Personality types

Yesterday in the ENT (Entrepreneurship) lecture, we looked at Myers-Briggs tests and “Emotional IQ”. In the context of constructing teams that work well together, and the like.

This reminds me of TheSpark – a website that still exists, albeit as a shadow of it’s former self, which was immensely popular back in high school. It provided numerous tests on various things, most of them tongue in check or outright playful, but some also thoughtful.

So of course, now I’ve gone out looking for Myers-Briggs [and related] tests. For those of a curious nature, here’s my results for a few. I’ll leave interpretation and evaluation of accuracy as an exercise to the reader.

First up, the Big 45 test from (click the link to see the results). In summary, I’m apparently a pretty average personality. Hooray for mediocrity. Nothing too unexpected in this test; strongest attributes being intellectual ones, weaker ones… well, everything else.

Then there’s the Global Advanced Personality Test, from the same website. I found it much more useful, because it summarises the results in an easily digestible form.

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