Not even a mouse

My mouse is dying. Again. This is about the fourth one in twelve months, and it’s actually a name-brand one (Logitech). Stupid mice. I’ve never had any luck with any mice except the ones that come with Macs. I’ve still got some that are well over a decade old, and they work perfectly. ‘course, they use some ancient serial interface that hasn’t been used in the last decade, but that’s not the point… :)

I was looking at a wireless laser mouse the other day, for a mere $160. Very fancy, but I can’t justify $160 for a mouse that’s not going to last more than three months. Also, it still wasn’t even a Bluetooth one… it kinda defeats the purpose of having a wireless mouse, for a portable, if you have to carry around a honkin’ big base station & charger for it.

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